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Betwinner Mobile App – Download Guide

If you plan to wager at Betwinner on the fly, you will be more than pleased to find out that the operator has brought its native app to Kenya. Available for download for Android and iOS, it nicely packs the bookie’s impressive roster of over 40 sports and thousands of daily fixtures. More importantly, it pairs all of that with low bandwidth usage, high-grade security and very seamless navigation.

With that being said however downloading the app may be a bit of a hassle due to licensing and regulatory restrictions. This applies to both Android and iOS users, who will have to take some extra steps to get the app running in contrast to the standard download process from the app stores. Fear not, this guide will guide you through all of that and in case you’d rather bet on the website, we will help you with that too. So, let’s jump right into it.

Download & Installing Betwinner’s apk

As we said earlier, there are a few extra steps you would have to take before you can get the app running. Namely, you will have to allow your device to install apps from unofficial sources. This is easily done by simply tweaking the security settings of your Android and enabling the Unknown Sources option. Do that and you can proceed to obtain the apk file from the Kenyan version of Betwinner. It’s right at the bottom and is only slightly over 100 MB.

Once you get the file, locate it and simply run it. In a few prompts, you will have it all set up on your phone or tablet. Before you start wagering on the fly however don’t forget to update your OS. Betwinner will work even on Android 5.0 but it goes without saying that the newer the OS is, the better the betting experience.

Betwinner for iPhone/iPad

Things can be a bit tricky for iOS users. First, check if you can locate Betwinner’s app on the App Store as you do with any other app. If not, you will have to change your region because local licensing conflicts may restrict the app from being listed. To do that, open your Apple account page and tap the Region option. From there, switch your address to a fictional one but importantly in Nigeria. The accuracy of the rest of the details is not important, all that’s really important is you switching the region.

With that handled, go back to the store and look for Betwinner. It should be now available and you should be able to download it the standard way. Before you get to it, make sure your iPhone is up-to-date and running at least iOS 14.

Bookmarking the Mobile Website

For Android users, start by firing up your mobile browser and navigating to the Betwinner website. Once there, tap the menu button, usually represented by the standard three dots in the right top corner. From the menu, select “Add to Home screen.” You will be prompted to enter a name for the shortcut, so type in “Betwinner” and then tap “Add.” Confirm the action if prompted, and a Betwinner icon will appear on your screen. This shortcut functions just like an app, allowing you instant access to the site whenever you need it.

For those using iOS devices, open Safari and visit the Betwinner website. Tap the share button, which is located at the bottom of the screen and resembles a square with an upward arrow. In the share menu, scroll down and select “Add to Home Screen.” You will be asked to name your shortcut; enter “Betwinner” and then tap “Add.” The Betwinner logo will now be on your home screen, providing a direct link to the website.


Betwinner is a very promising sportsbook and by the looks of it, it has the potential to top the mobile betting scene in Kenya. With that said, there is still room for improvement. Obviously, access to the app could be much easier and more user-friendly. That’s for one thing. For another, the app is still missing a fully-fledged casino. Even so however it is still a warmly recommended sports betting venue.