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Betwinner – Aviator Rules & Gameplay

Although Betwinner is yet to introduce a comprehensive online casino, it proudly features one of the most exciting and trending games in Africa – Aviator. This game has quickly become a favorite among Kenyan players due to its captivating gameplay and the potential to win substantial amounts in a matter of seconds. Here’s a detailed guide to how Aviator works and how to start winning by playing it on Betwinner.

About Aviator

Aviator is at the forefront of modern iGaming, offering players the chance to multiply their bets quickly. The game operates on a provably fair system, ensuring complete transparency and fairness in every round. This system is the pinnacle of integrity in the industry, guaranteeing that each game result is unbiased and unmanipulated.

How to Play Aviator

  1. Get Ready to Bet:
    Start by choosing your wager and making your bet before the plane takes off by pressing the Bet button.
  2. Watch the Multiplier Increase:
    As the plane keeps ascending, the multiplier grows, increasingly racking up your winnings the longer the plane stays in the air.
  3. Cash Out Wisely:
    The challenge is to grab hold of your winnings just at the right moment. To do that, simply smash the Cash Out button before the plane leaves the screen along with your cash. If you take too long it will fly off and you will lose your bet.

Game Features

  • Bet & Cash Out:
    You can increase/decrease your bet size using the + and – buttons or by manually entering a specific amount. It’s also possible to place two bets at once by using the second wagering panel. Again, you can get your money by hitting the Cash Out button at the correct moment to maximize your winnings.
  • Auto Play & Auto Cash Out:
    Aviator includes an Auto Play feature for added convenience. Set your desired bet size and activate Auto Play from the Auto tab. You can configure conditions to stop Auto Play, such as changes in your balance or single wins exceeding a specified amount. Auto Cash Out allows your wager to be instantly cashed out whenever a predetermined multiplier is hit.
  • Live Bets & Statistics:
    The interface includes a Live Bets panel showing all current bets, and a My Bets panel where you can review your betting history and cash-out details. The Top panel provides game statistics, including the highest wins and multipliers in a round.
  • Free Bets & Rain Feature:
    Betwinner can award free bets. These are dropped into the chat, and players can claim them by pressing the Claim button. You can also share free bets with others using the Rain panel.
  • Provably Fair System:
    Aviator’s fairness is ensured through a provably fair algorithm. All results are determined by combining a server seed with client seeds from the first three bettors, making each round completely transparent and verifiable.

Return to Player (RTP)

Aviator boasts an overall theoretical Return to Player (RTP) of 97%. This means that, on average, for every 100 rounds, approximately three rounds will end with the plane flying away almost immediately.

Game Menu

Accessible via the menu button in the top right corner, the game menu offers several options:

  • Sound and Music:
    Toggle these switches to control the game sounds and background music.
  • Animation:
    Enable or disable the airplane animation.
  • Limits:
    View the minimum/maximum bet limits, as well as the maximum win limit.
  • Bet History:
    Review your previous bets.
  • Game Rules:
    Read detailed instructions and rules of the game.

Additional Information

  • Internet Connection:
    If your internet connection drops while a bet is active, the game will automatically claim the current multiplier, adding the winnings to your bank.
  • Malfunction:
    In the event of a technical malfunction, all affected wagers and payouts are voided and all funds refunded.


By including Aviator on its platform, Betwinner offers a high-octane gaming experience to Kenyan players. With straightforward gameplay, a provably fair system, and features like Auto Play and the Rain, the game is a standout choice for those looking for fast-paced and potentially lucrative betting.