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Betwinner – eSports Betting

BetWinner provides a great venue for Kenyans to explore and bet on leading sports and events from across the world. Here’s a detailed guide to help you navigate the available options.

eSports Overview

eSports is the clash of professional players and teams competing in various games and tournaments. BetWinner covers a wide range of eSports events, offering numerous betting opportunities across popular games like Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), League of Legends, Valorant, and more.

Types of Bets Available

Match Winner
You can wager on which team will win a specific match. This is a straightforward and common type of eSports bet.

Total and Handicap Bets
Place your wagers on the number of rounds or maps you believe will be played in a match. Handicap betting adjusts the perceived advantage or disadvantage between teams. For CS: GO, total and handicap bets are accepted for rounds, including overtime. Handicaps and totals are typically counted in maps unless specified otherwise.

Live Betting
BetWinner allows for in-game betting during eSports matches with odds that change as the game progresses. If a match is interrupted and postponed for more than 24 hours, BetWinner may settle bets at odds of “1”. If a player or team drops out, they are deemed defeated in all remaining rounds/maps, and live bets will be settled accordingly unless the outcome is already determined.

Special Bets
BetWinner offers an impressive range of betting markets for each game featured:

  • First Blood: In Dota 2 and League of Legends, predict the team that will get the first kill in the match. In Dota 2, if First Blood is taken by a tower or neutral creeps, it won’t be counted.
  • Kill Streaks: Bet on whether a player will achieve a specific number of consecutive kills within a map (Double Kill, Triple Kill, Ultra Kill, and Rampage).
  • Next Frag: In Dota 2, make your prediction on the team you believe will score the next frag (e.g., 20th, 30th, 40th, etc.).
  • Duration of Map: Bet on the total duration of a map in minutes. For example, if you bet on “Duration Of The Map Over 27.5”, the map needs to end after 27 minutes and 30 seconds for the bet to win.

Specific Game Rules

  • Dota 2 and League of Legends: The winner is declared when the throne or nexus falls. Specific bets include First Blood and kill streaks.
  • CS: GO: Bets on rounds, including overtimes, are accepted. Team member substitutions during the match will not affect bets.
  • Rainbow Six: Bets on individual totals are accepted excluding overtime. Bets are settled according to the regulation score (e.g., 6-6).

Miscellaneous Rules

  • If a match is stopped by an administrator and a replay is set, the result of the interrupted match will not count.
  • In the event of a misprint in the username of a player or team, bets will stand if the intention of the bet is clear.
  • The market “Map Ends In Daytime” in Dota 2 is based on the game’s day and night cycle, considering both natural changes and those caused by characters’ abilities.


BetWinner’s eSports selection packs a serious punch, covering all key games and pairing the great coverage with a lot of leeway in terms of outcomes. We hope our guide helps you better understand the specifics of each market, thus making better bets and scoring bigger winnings.