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mCHEZA Virtual and Casino

Although the Kenyan gambling operator mCHEZA mostly counts on its sport betting category that is basically the most interesting category on the page for the punters from Kenya, this company also offers different virtual sports and casino games.

You are going to find real virtual sports you can watch on your screen and in real time, as well as in animated graphics right on the sport field, in the homonymous category Virtual Sports that is placed in the website main menu.

In this page you are going to see simulations of all the most popular sport types from all around the world, including the following: football, tennis, horse racing, hounds, cycling and one bonus game with penalties. The last game, by the way, is very rare and can be found in few betting websites in the internet.

All of these games are developed by the company called BetConstruct that is an international game provider and that is used for a partner by dozens of other betting houses from all around the globe. According to our own opinion as to the virtual sports provided by this company they all have similar graphics – a decent one and with a fine high resolution, but on the other side, the punters would not call it quite realistic. Let’s put it that way – while when watching a football match from digital games like FIFA 18, sometimes, you can ask yourself if this is a real game or an animated one, such a question is not going to be put on the table when you watch the virtual sports in mCHEZA. Regardless this, the bets on these virtual sports are still very interesting, while the odds are not low at all – especially when it comes for these specific bet types – which is a logical and great continuation of the topic for the awesome odds in the betting page in general.

Mchesa virtual sports

Here is one more weak point we find about Virtual sports in mCHEZA: this is the only category on the betting page that is not available either in the mobile browser version, or in the app. It means that in this betting page the virtual sports can be watched and used for bets only via computers. Speaking of which, this is a very serious weak point especially when having in mind that in Kenya people mostly use mobile devices rather than desktop devices.

You are going to find some more bets on virtual sports in the section called Virtual Betting, but it is where things are a bit more primitive as the function for animation of the matches is not available. In this category you are going to be able to see only the results for the event. One of the reasons that explain the giant popularity of the virtual sports is, though, exactly this possibility for the punters – to watch the game when placing a bet on it. When you place a bet on a certain event from Virtual Betting, though, you are just placing a bet and nothing else. Once the event ends you are going to see its final outcome, respectively if you win.

The good news is that thanks to the quite simplified format of these games a big part of them can be found in the mobile version of the page (you can learn more details about this in our article called How to bet in mCHEZA App via mobile devices? By the way, the bookie’s app does not offer any other games except for betting on sport events).

Virtual Champs League, Virtual Europa, Virtual World Cup, Virtual Soccer, Virtual Euros and Virtual Football Pro are the different imaginary football formats you can place bets on via your smartphone or tablet.

All of these games are developed by 1×2 Gaming which is a gaming software company and in this category you are also going to find products made by Betconstruct and Pari Play. Plus – soon we also expect to see games made by Nextgen Gaming in the betting page. This last bunch of games is going to be the most serious and renewed company among all the gaming software companies that work in a partnership with mCHEZA. In other words, the Virtual betting service is about to be even more advanced on this gambling platform.

Currently, though, if leaving the simulations of the different football leagues and championships from the Virtual betting category, here you are also going to find several casino and Keno games.

To be more specific here we’ve got two Keno games – World Cup Keno and just Keno. The first one is also included in the mobile version. Also, in this category we find a casino game – BlackJack – that can be played via smartphones and tablets, too.

Indeed, as to the casino offers mCHEZA provides on its gambling platform the company is quite far away from the first-class bookies, but let’s not forget that this company basically and mostly counts on sport betting activity. And sport betting is truly awesome on this page!