BetLion Kenya Bonus Free Bet
BetLion Kenya Bonus Free Bet

Betmaster Kenya login

Betmaster is the next foreign bookmaker that saw the potential in the Kenyan betting market and that has built a specially tailored version of its official website for our market. This happened in August 2018 year while the company, itself, was established back in the beginning of March in 2016 year in Russia. The betting company says it has made lots of big investments in the betting technologies, as well as in the deep studies of the gaming market and the software development of the page.

Before joining the market in Kenya, Betmaster has been already started its breakthrough in the Nigerian, Tanzanian, Ghanaian and Mozambique markets.

Currently, the gambling operator, though, cannot stand out with a big variety of offers, but we are going to talk about this later in this review.

Registration, deposit and withdrawal in Betmaster

Do the following things in order to make a registration in this Russian bookie’s Kenyan website version:

1. Press Join Now (you need to at first open the menu in the top right corner in the mobile version in order to see the registration button)
2. Enter your telephone number and press Next
3. Enter the 4-digit number code you will receive on your phone as a message and then, you will automatically go the page of your already officially opened account. In case you don’t receive this code, wait a little bit and in a minute the button for the code resend will appear.

If you believe a registration via a SMS message would be easier, you can skip the steps from above and simply to send Join on this number – 29750 – after which everything will be ready for you to start betting in the platform.
You don’t have to choose any password or user name for your account in this betting website. Your mobile phone number serves the role of your user name. The unpleasant thing here is that you cannot change your user name and thus, if by any chance and for any reason you change your phone number, you will have to make a new account, too.

Betmaster has some extra ordinary attitude towards the passwords, too – in this bookmaker there’s no permanent password, but instead, at any attempt of yours to login the system you will be sent a new 4-digit code, which means that your phone should be always at hand even if you prefer betting via a computer. This might be considered as an inconvenience, but on the other hand, there’s no way anyone to break your password, as well as to place bets with your money.

This gambling operator will please you with free deposits and withdrawals regardless their amounts, but here we find another unpleasant thing, which is a limit for the maximum profit – it’s Ksh 70 000, while in the rest of the Kenyan betting websites this limit is 1 million or even more.

The same amount is also the maximum amount you can withdrawal within 1 day, while the minimum bet and deposit amounts are Ksh 10. This same amount is the minimum amount for a withdrawal, which though is good news, because most bookies have higher minimum withdrawal amount requirements when comparing it to the deposit amount.
The technical execution time for the withdrawal order is between 2 and 5 minutes, while the deposits are performed even faster.

Mobile betting in Betmaster app

Via the menu of the button we told you to press in order to see the Join Now button you will also find a banner for the company’s official mobile betting app. In Kenyan the gambling applications are still banned by Google Play, so the Betmaster app isn’t available in this store.

The Russian bookie, yet, hasn’t thought about its customers who own mobile phones that run on a different from Android mobile operating systems, and we don’t even see a chance other apps to be developed in future, so iOS and other OS mobile consumers can only count on the official mobile website version.

Both – the bookie’s app and mobile website version are doing an excellent job when it comes to offering the entire website content, which is by the way, quite modest and poor.

Sport betting

This betting page is indeed with a very poor content. It doesn’t offer a big part of the gambling services and functions we have already accepted for granted thanks to the excellent progress of the bookies these days.

Let’s start, though, with what this gambling page offers – odds and markets for a big number of football matches, including live matches. We should be pleased with the provided quantity of the football events, but they are not enough, moreover – their odds are not high enough – to compensate the long list of the missing important things such as bets on other sport disciplines, cash out option, statistics, and other gambling products and so on.

In addition to the football bets, Betmaster also releases a football betting newspaper on a daily basis.

This newspaper is released as an online and offline media, which is why currently it has successfully become a part of the leading newspapers in the country. Through this newspaper the bookie meets its audience with the most interesting matches from the upcoming week and offers them an access to stats, rankings and analysis. Each of the presented matches comes with a prediction made by some of the company’s experts. The newspapers can be viewed online for free and even without making a registration in this gambling website.

Betmaster Kenya Bonus

This betting operator’s bonus is 100% Karibu bonus with a maximum amount of Ksh 10 000. You can receive it after placing bets at a total amount of your initial deposit amount multiplied with 10. Then, you will have at your disposal an additional amount of money for bets which amount is equal to your initial deposit amount. Rarely, Betmaster gives Ksh 25 as a free bet for some matches listed in the website program.