BetLion Kenya Bonus Free Bet
BetLion Kenya Bonus Free Bet

Palmsbet Registration

The European bookmaker Palmsbet makes no handicaps for the punters, who want to register in this platform. On the contrary – the company helps them to make a registration via convenient buttons and hints during the registration process and they prevent you from making even a slight mistake regarding any of the steps from this procedure.

The convenient registration button is hard to be missed. It’s placed on a location when almost all the time the betting houses place such buttons for opening an account – in the top right corner of the screen. There’s an icon and text Register you will see on this location no matter what device you use to enter the website and eventually, will use the platform – a laptop, a smartphone, tablet, PC or any other device.

No matter what device you use you will see Palmsbet registration almost the same way as a procedure and page layout.
During the beginning you will see a square that’s called Login Information and where you have to fill in Login data (your login user name for this Bulgarian betting website version for Kenya is your Kenyan telephone number), as well as two fields for your password that you will use to enter your future account (of course, the fields should match).

The next square is for Personal Information where once again we have three fields to fill in chronologically – first name, last name and date of birth – and this square, by the way, is overlapped later with the square called Marketing Options where you can accept or deny the company’s messages with the new promotions and games that will listed on the platform, as well as to enter a marketing code (even if you don’t have such a code, Palmsbet bonus system is going to be still at your disposal, though).

The last square is called Terms and Conditions. Your task here is to read them and then to mark that you agree with them. One of these terms says that you are of a legal age – or at least 18 years old. If you are younger, you actually don’t have the right to place bets in the bookmaker. On the other side, you should mark that you are of such an age, too.

The button called Register is the last thing you should click on in order to finish your registration. Once you do that, you will see a notice popping-up – You have registered successfully! – in case everything else till now has gone smoothly.

Palmsbet will not make you to confirm your account. It’s not even necessary for you to login once you have finished your registration as you will be signed in automatically. What is important to remember, though, is your password (we supposed, you do know by heart your telephone number, which is the other detail you should use when login the platform) for all the next times you enter your playing account.

Account management in Palmsbet

In order to manage your account you should click on your telephone number, which you will see at the top right corner of the screen (in the desktop version) or to click on the menu in the top left corner (if you use the mobile version).
As you will see, the options in the menu are the following:

  • Deposits via Mpesa or through Palmsbet Shop (Learn more via this article Deposits in Palmsbet Kenya)
  • Claims for a withdrawal (You can use the same payment methods you are free to use when you fund your account. More details about these methods you can find in our article called Palmsbet Kenya Withdrawals)
  • Information for this betting house’s bonuses (to get even more detailed information about them than the information you are provided in the official bookie’s website page for the promotions, read our review called Palmsbet Kenya Bonuses)
  • View the whole betting history from a certain day and within an individually selected by the punter period of time. This history includes the following data: date, bet ID, sport event, potential profit, odd, bet, cash back and status
  • Account history section where, besides the betting activity, you get some information for different financial transfers you have made, as well as your individual bonus history on the platform
  • Page for account verification you can verify you identity, as well as to identify your debit or credit card through which you will increase the whole list with deposit methods with one more method
  • A page from where you can view the messages you have received from Palmsbet. There are different types of messages – from basic information about your account to notifications regarding a void or cancelled bet, as well as some bonus information
  • My Account page that is a place where you can change or add more details about your personal information you usually present during your registration
  • Change password page which, we suppose, has a name that speaks of its purpose

Of course, the gambling house allows you to view your account balance, too. The main balance is always presented in the top right corner and when clicking on it you will see some details about your balance for sport bets, balance for the casino, available free bets and currently possible to be claimed for a withdrawal balance.