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Odibet Kenya Review

The betting house from Kenya, Odibets is a gambling platform that focuses on the young punters and tries to offer interesting and alternative offers, which are supposed to satisfy the pretentious audience.

The betting company is oriented at first place to the mobile experience, while those, who use desktop devices, are left at the background. As a matter of fact, the platform has one single website version which, though works on smartphones and computers, but it’s certainly more suitable for mobile devices.

Odibets is a bookie where you can place as little as possible bets, as well as to gamble via SMS messages, to play one modern virtual league and to take the benefits of two free bets, when becoming an official customer in the website, as well as to get an access to a big number of markets for lots of sports events. If all of these is enough for you to deal with the lack of many functions and various gambling offers, just don’t stop and keep reading the material.

Registration, deposits and withdrawals in Odibets

The Kenyan betting website struggles to attract the young punters, who, on the other side, love the fast and intuitive experience in such platforms. Making an account or any type of a financial transaction here are actions that fully correspond to this requirement.

The registration is a single action you should do only once, when you decide to place bets in Odibets. To register, click on the button called Register Free (the button name speaks of itself that you don’t have to pay a damn in order to become this betting house’s official customer).

You don’t have to think off a user name to get an account here – your mobile phone number serves the role of an account name. What you have to think off, though, is a unique password. That’s all – no names, addresses, date of birth or any other information is going to be required from you if you decide to join Odibets. Fill in your mobile phone number, type a password that you can remember, but is still not easy enough to be guessed, then, click on Create Account and keep going to the next step – making a deposit for your betting activity.

Speaking of deposits, it’s necessary to start with one extremely important note – the only people that can make deposits in this website are those, who are customers of Safaricom. 290680 is Mpesa Paybill for Odibets, but you will be simplified in this procedure if depositing directly through the specially tailored sidebar at the bottom of the betting company’s website.

In the deposit page there’s one field you should type in the amount of the deposit you want to make. Note that by default, the bookie offers you specific amounts of money to invest. After selecting the deposit amount, press on Deposit and on your smartphone a notification will appear to confirm your transaction.

In addition to these, there’s an option to deposit via M-Pesa menu, but if using it, note that you will lose precious time. This option is provided specifically for the cases, when you don’t have any internet connection.

The withdrawal procedure is a bit more different, although it’s quite simple, too. The shortest way to take, when you want to get your incomes is by sending SMS to the short number – 29680 – with text “W#amount”, where amount serves the role of the place where you type the withdrawal amount you claim. There’s an option to use your bookie account, too (to be more specific, first you go the main Menu and then, select Withdrawal), but note that this is the longer path and will take more time.
Ksh 49 is the minimum deposit amount in Odibets, while when it comes to a withdrawal you can claim for not less than Ksh 200.

Mobile bets in Odibets

Just like we have already mentioned it, Odibets has a platform that is compatible with all device types. It’s, though, developed in a way to be convenient mostly for the mobile users.

The platform includes all the attributes that are required for normal mobile betting experience. If you want to get more information about the betting house’s mobile service, go to our material called Odibets Mobile.

What is unpleasant here is that the gambling house hasn’t yet upgraded its mobile offer – to be more specific, there’s no mobile app to download and install for a shorter access on your device. In other words, there’s no way for you to place bets in Odibets if you don’t have a mobile browser, but these that’s literally impossible for any mobile device.

Sport bets

Practically, in Odibets there are no missing events you would be interested in, if you are a standard Kenyan punter, who’s generally keen on classical sport disciplines.

It means that you will never have any problems if you want to place a bet on any match from the Premium football league, NBA, NHL, Wimbledon or any other big league from the top sport types.

Moreover – our study has shown that Odibets offers bets in championships from more than 70 different countries, if taking for an example only the football world, while the markets reach up to 150 types, so you will definitely not get bored in this platform even when the top championships are in a pause.

The betting operator is distinguished by something, which is very significant for the young punters – the available odds. To be more specific, the odds here are some of the best ones on the market in our country. The gambling platform even offers us information about the last odd movements – whether they have been increased, or reduced, which is useful to make up your mind if you should hurry up with your bet aiming not to miss a good odd.

We are not surprised that the live bets are also very fine here. The live betting section doesn’t offer us much information about the event progress – to tell you the truth, the information is near zero – but at the expense of this, the market types a lot:

  • Half time
  • Number of scores
  • Handicap
  • Correct score
  • Progress of the match
  • Bets per a team
  • 15-minute bets
  • Cards and penalties
  • Bets for each player
  • Bets for the corners

What are the other gambling products offered in Odibets?

Due to the lack of any lottery games, poker or bingo, Odibets customers are supposed to reconcile with one single additional service, which is, by the way, developed by the betting company’s team and cannot be seen in any other Kenyan bookmaker.

It’s a football stimulator with the top popular English teams and it’s called OdiLeague. Within certain time intervals of a couple of minutes new stimulated matches begin and you can bet on the final winner, double chance, under or over, first score, draw, Euro and Asian handicaps. Of course, in difference to the traditional sports bets, everything is about your luck here, but not on your prediction skills.

You can test your luck in the game without making any risks, but through the special promo of a free bet for Ksh 20.

Odibets bonus

There are lots of bonuses in Odibets. Here are some of them:

  • 30 Ksh first free bet on sport – it’s a basic promo the betting company offers once you register on the platform for the first time
  • 20 Ksh free bet in OdiLeague – we have already mentioned this additional offer that makes you a present in a form of a free bet in the alternative game on the platform
  • 50% money back in case of a loss in your first bet of the day – when you use your free bet and then, start your real experience with real money on the platform, you have the right to get 50% money back in case your first bet of the day is lost
  • Internet and messages – once you make your first deposit on the betting platform you will get a gift – 7 MB mobile data and 7 free messages – and meanwhile, every single day the company arranges additional games for 2 GB internet as a present
  • 150% bonus for multiple bets – refers only to bets with 5+ selections