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How to place bets in mCHEZA via mobile devices?

mCHEZA – the bookmaker that was established back in 2015 year – is incapable to brag about a huge background experience, but at least, it can boast with its well-advanced service that includes everything specific for the industry, as well as a specially tailored platform for mobile betting activity. The mobile betting platform, itself, is available via the following two accesses:

  • 1. Via the betting application for Android devices
  • 2. Via the mobile smartphone or tablet browser that works quite well on both: Android and all other devices with different mobile operating systems.

Most sport betting operators have mobile apps and mobile browsers that are simply alike and in most cases they are even completely identic, but here in mCHEZA they are not arranged or designed that way and both options for mobile gambling are completely different. They are distinguished not only by their designs, but also by the games and services they include.

Keep reading this article and you are going to learn what the app, as well as the mobile browser version of mCHEZA betting house offer, plus – how you can open each of them via our mobile devices.

Gambling via mCHEZA app

mCHEZA app is a comparatively new service and it is not advanced well enough yet, so currently we recommend you to instead, choose the alternative for betting via the mobile browser version.

If, though, you are still more up to bet via the app and you do want to have mCHEZA app on your smartphone or tablet, you can have it through any of the following two ways:

  • 1. Download the app on your computer via any of the buttons you will see on the desktop version home page and then, transfer the downloaded file on your mobile device.
  • 2. Download the app directly on your smartphone or tablet. When you enter mCHEZA website via your mobile browser you will see on your screen – immediately – a notification with an offer to download the application.

Mchesa Android app

The second alternative to download the app is by all means, the easer one among both of the alternatives while if using the first one (when downloading the apk file on your PC in order to later transfer it to your mobile device) is more reasonable when you want to save some mobile traffic, but one way or another, be aware that mCHEZA app is with a very small size – only few MBs.

Once you download the open the app you will see that you cannot view the different betting markets before login. So this is why you need to enter your phone number and your password or simply make a registration you haven’t done this yet (as to the registering process read our article called Registration and Account management in mCHEZA).

Then, you will see that in this app only the sport betting category provided by mCHEZA is included. The virtual sports, the free game with predictions, as well as the game Bahatica are not accessible here.

This is by all means a big weak point when it comes to the betting company’s mobile app estimation and due to this weak point we definitely do not recommend you use the application yet.

The good news here is that in the application all of the matches from the two categories – pre-match and live betting – are included, so at least when it comes to sport betting we are not limited in the mobile mCHEZA platform.

Gambling via mCHEZA mobile version

The mobile browser version also offers all of the matches from both programs for sport betting in mCHEZA: the one for live betting and the standard pre-match betting program. Besides, this version lets you join some of the betting company’s additional games that include the following: lottery game, the game with predictions, as well as virtual sport betting.

Mchesa app

However, it is certain that we cannot say that the browser version for smartphones and tables 100% covers the main services from the official mCHEZA desktop version.

Unfortunately, in the mobile browser version you are not going to find several of the games from the Virtual betting category (practically, you can play 8 of the articles listed in the category via your mobile device, while in the desktop version these articles are 15 in total).

Also, here the Virtual Sports isn’t available at all here, but this is not so important as long as in the Virtual Betting category there are a few virtual sports you can place bets on.

The mobile browser version mCHEZA provides can be easily and faultlessly used via any smartphone – no matter what mobile browser you prefer to use when surfing in internet.