BetLion Kenya Bonus Free Bet
BetLion Kenya Bonus Free Bet

Lottery games in 1xBet Kenya

1xBet Kenya offers lottery games that are classified into 3 sections:

  • 1xLotto – This section offers you an access to more than 30 different lottery games such as Euro Millions, Mega Millions and many more different lotteries from Canada, France, Italy, Australia, Germany, Ireland, USA, Spain and etc.
  • Lottery – This section offers only one single game where you buy ticket at an amount of a little bit less than 74 KSH. There’s a unique 6-digit number on this ticket and the number is the one that shows you whether you win, or no. We cannot determine the participation in this game as such an attractive betting activity, but at least it’s the easiest thing you can do when you want to gamble, because in this game you only need to press on one button.
  • Blockchain Lottery – there’s nothing different from the traditional lotteries here. Ok, there’s one difference and it’s the fact that you can buy tickets for this game with cryptocurrencies.

1xbet lottery games

In Russia – the country the betting house 1xBet actually comes from – the Toto and the Lotto games are very popular and due to this reason they represent an important part of the entire company’s gambling platform. Fortunately to us, as well, they are kept at a full value in the specially tailored website version for Kenya.

Toto games in 1xBet Kenya

Toto 15 (15 football matches, 1X2 predictions)

Toto 15 is a game that takes place every day and that requires from the punters to predict the correct 1X2 final outcome in 15 matches from the football world.

75 KSh is the amount you need to pay to buy one ticket for the game and with this ticket you are totally possible to get the big jackpot which often reaches the amount of more than 100 000 000 Ksh.

Correct Score (8 football matches, predictions for correct score)

The football events you need to predict with correct scores are 8 in total.

This is the game with the lowest participation fee (except for the last one where the participation is 100% for free) – only 7 KSH and meanwhile, the jackpots here are not low at all – nearly 10-15 000 000 KSh.

Correct Score is a game, though, which does not take place every day, but you will see it at least 3-4 times per week.

Football (14 football matches, 1X2 predictions)

In this game you are not going to find any differences with the leading Toto 15 game except for the fact that Football game requires you to predict one game more. Also, the Football game is arranged only twice per week.

Of course, the jackpots aren’t low, either – they start from “only” 2 700 000 KSh, but can reach up to dozens of millions.

1xbet toto games

Ice hockey (5 ice hockey matches, correct score predictions)

You can join this game at a fee of 45 KSH and you need to predict only 5 events here, but this time they are from the world of ice hockey, which, by the way, is a more sport type with bigger numbers in the final scores, respectively, the prediction for a correct score becomes a bit tougher.

If you, though, believe you can deal with this task, do not hesitate, but test your luck and if you win you will receive up to 2 000 000 000 KSH.

Basketball (9 basketball matches, combination bets for winner + Under / Over points)

Similarly to the ice hockey, in this game the jackpots are not as big as the people who want to participate in these games are not so many. You will win between 1 and 2 million of KHS in case you succeed in predicting the winner from all the 9 matches, as well as the number of points in these matches.

FIFA (15 matches from the game FIFA, 1X2 predictions)

In this Toto game the prizes reach amount of up to 100 million of KHS and the best thing here is that there’s a new stage of the game every next 2 and a half hours which offers you nearly 10 chances to win the big jackpot every single day.

Toto (12 football matches, 1X2 predictions)

This is the only free game and you don’t actually fight for real money, either. What you fight for are bonus points you can eventually converted into real money.