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mCHEZA Deposit

mCHEZA is by all means not a bookmaker that will astonish you with its amazing range of possibilities for a deposit. As a matter of fact, this sport betting page offers only once single option for funding your account. The option is to make a transaction via the system for mobile payments called Mpesa. However, this is a popular enough payment method, as well as easy enough to be used payment option as long as you follow the instructions we are about to list and explain to you:

First of all, take your smartphone or tablet and open the menu in Mpesa system. Then, you need to select the option called Lipan a M-Pesa and right after that to choose Pay Bill. The next thing you need to do is to enter the betting house’s business ID, which, by the way, in our case is 295525 and then, to enter the betting company’s account, which is MCHEZA. What is left for you to do is simply to type the amount of money you want to deposit, as well as your personal MPESA PIN code. Last, but not least, send your deposit order to your bookie’s account.

In case you want to shorten this procedure a little bit you can enter the deposit page by clicking on your account balance this betting website. If you do not have any money in this page you will see somewhere a notice in green color – 0 KSh!
The basic rule you need to follow when you make deposits in mCHEZA is that the amount of money you want to invest in your betting account cannot be lower than 10 KSh or higher than 140 000 KSh. As you can see on your own, the minimum deposit is a low enough amount, while the maximum deposit requirement is big enough so these limits will not put any serious influence on 99% of the punters.

Mchesa deposit

Limits over the deposits in mCHEZA

The only weak point in the online sport betting is the fact that the punters often do mistakes – especially when making deposits they cannot afford. Usually, what they say in order to explain their actions is the fact that due to the lack of real physical access to the money people tend to forget the real value of this money.

As a customer registered in mCHEZA you can put an end to your emotional choices and mostly to the big deposits you do without having the coverage for this with an ease. What you can do in this case is to arrange your own individual limits for maximum deposit amounts. Such an action will be useful for you as the limit will prevent you from funding an amount of money that is bigger than your previously arranged limit.

Speaking of which, the limit lasts as long as you wish. For instance, you can limit your deposit amounts with a certain amount of money on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis.

For instance, if you have decided to have a weekly limit of 1 000 KSh for a deposit and during the last 7 days you have already registered a total amount of 900 KSh the system is not going to allow you to deposit more than 100 KSh during your next attempt for a deposit.

Please, have in mind that the system will let you raise your deposit limits 7 days after the last change you have made as to your limits. In other words, if today you establish some kinds of limits, you are not going to be able to change them by raising these limits during the next week. However, you can always reduce them if you believe that they are not as low enough as you think they should be especially for your betting activity.

The bookies with such an option for limits in deposits are few and many customers must be interested in having such a possibility so we can only appreciate mCHEZA for allowing the audience to do so. This conception literally brings some losses for the company as because of the limits it might miss a big amount of unrealized profits, but it is also very useful for the punters, no doubt.