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Betin Virtual Sports

Virtual sports today seem to be an irreplaceable part from the biggest key players’ on the betting market assortment, although they used to be something unknown for the industry during the last five years.

Today, though, all the leading bookies, including the most dominating ones on the Kenya market, such as Betin, provide their punters the chance to have fun with this so interesting and dynamic way to place bets.

In this article we are going to tell you more about each of the virtual sports Betin offers. These virtual sports are five in total on the platform – football, horse racing, tennis, hounds and basketball. Each of them is a product made of the European software company Betradar.

Betin virtual sports

To play these sports you need to enter Virtual category from the desktop version or from “Menu“ → “Virtual Game“ in the mobile version.

Virtual football

The virtual football in this betting house represents one football championship where the teams carry the names of the biggest European capitals – VFL Madrid, VFL London, VFL Rome, VFL Paris, VFL Lisbon, VFL Vienna and etc. The teams are 16 in total and, respectively, there are 8 matches per each phase of the championship, and all of these 8 matches take the same time. It means that in every single moment you can choose between 8 events that you can both: watch and place bets on. The football championship, on the other hand, takes place in a full format of 30 phases in total thanks to which you can get a clear idea about the possibilities and the progress of each team within every single moment. A phase lasts exactly 3 minutes and a minute after its end another phase starts.

The only problem of the virtual football is the video streaming view which is made especially for smartphones and it looks quite small when it is viewed via a laptop or a computer.

Virtual horse racing

In virtual horse racing there is a new contestant starting in the course of 1-2 minutes and in each of them there are 10 horses in total.

For each of these horses you can place the following bet types:

  • If the horse is going to win
  • If the horse isn’t going to win
  • If the horse is going to result in top 3
  • If the horse isn’t going to result in top 3

Besides, you can bet on different types of forecasts and tricasts.

Virtual hounds

The case with the virtual hounds betting is quite similar to the horse racing in the virtual category on this betting website with the one single different – each battue is arranged with 6 hounds while the horse racing battue includes 10 contestants. Yet, the bet types remain the same. The only thing you are going to miss as a chance is to place a bet on the market “if not going to result in top 3”.

Virtual tennis

The virtual tennis in this bookmaker simulates one tennis tournament on grass with 16 contestants in total. It means that during the first phase of the tournament you can place bets on 8 matches at once, while in the second one – on 4 matches, in the third – on 2 matches and respectively – during the final – on one single tennis player.
The graphics of the virtual tennis is quite more qualitative in comparison to the graphics of the virtual sports we have mentioned up to now, but meanwhile, we need to remark that the physics of the tennis players does not look so realistic.

Virtual basketball

Probably, the best correlation between the graphics quality and the realism of the play you will get in the virtual basketball section, where just like in the virtual football a championship with 16 teams is simulated. These teams, by the way, imitate those from the NBA league.

You can bet on the team that is going to result on the top of the classification up to 20, 40 or 60 points, which team is going to win the game, in which phase of the match the biggest number of points will be scored, the total number of the points within a single event and etc.

Betin virtual sports playing

Virtual sports on mobile devices

Few of the virtual sports provided by this betting page can be played via a mobile device, but not via the application. In other words, you need to enter the page via your mobile browser.

Unfortunately, though, only two of the virtual sports this betting company offers are compatible to smartphone or tablet. These are the virtual basketball and the virtual football. The virtual tennis, virtual hounds and the virtual horse racing are available only via the desktop version.

These weak points are the only ones we can point out as to the so interesting virtual betting service in Betin.