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Guide for Cash Out (selling a bet) in 1xBet Kenya

All officially registered customers in online bookmakers must have probably heard of the function called Cash Out and those, who haven’t – will definitely find out about it sooner or later. Cash Out is a conception that has at first been created with marketing purpose, but, though, it has succeeded in changing the entire sport betting experience on the web within the years. This modern function allows you to get your money at once and to close your bets. The amount of money you will get depends on the way your bets are progressing at this very particular moment you decide to use the function.

If it is a very common case with you when you see your bet is losing because of some late equalizers, please, continue reading this article to find out what the cash options 1xBet Kenya offers you.

How to sell your bet in 1xBet Kenya?

There is one green button standing out at the bottom of the My Bets window for all of the bets made in the sport betting section. This button is placed, though, only for those matches that come with the cash out function. If you want not to wait more for the game to end and to receive the money you have earned up to this moment regarding your bet type, simply press on this button.

Let’s put it once again: note that not all of the matches have such a function and a button to sell your bet. The reason is that for one or for more of your selections in your betslip the cash out function is just not offered by the bookie. However, practically you usually get such a chance to close your bet in almost all of the cases.

After pressing on this button to sell your bet, you will find out what this Russian bookie’s offer is. The bookmaker actually buys your bet at a certain amount of money you can have at once. If you like the offer and you press on the button to confirm it, your bet is going to be considered as closed and the final outcome of the selections in your betslips no longer influence on your final profit.

1xbet how to sell a bet

How to sell a certain part of your bet in 1xBet Kenya?

In this same page where you can sell your bet you will also see a sliding scale through which you can take the benefits of the function for partial bet selling.

For instance, if the offered amount for selling your entire bet is 8 KSh you can slide up to 4 KSh the scale and thus, you are going to sell only half of your bet. In other words, you are going to close only half of your bet. The other half will remain active and the final outcome of the matches from this half will still matter for your final profit.

Advantages and disadvantages of the function for selling a bet

Like any other thing in the world, this innovative function has its own weak and strong points, too.

Here is what we can list as advantages:

  • If your bets are hopelessly incline to a loss, you can at least return a certain amount of your bet in your account balance in order to later invest it in a more profitable bet.
  • If you bets seem to progress well up to a particular moment, but you don’t see a potential for a late unpleasant change till the end of the playing time from the vent, you can sell your bet and keep the profit from it.
  • If somehow, you have placed the wrong bet (for instance, you wanted to bet on Over 2.5 scores, but you have clicked on the Under 2.5 scores by chance) you can immediately cancel the placed bet thanks to this function.
  • If you have a bet placed on a match that is going to be played in few days, but you need some money at this very particular moment (for instance, to invest them in other bet or to withdrawal them in cash) the cash out function is going to provide you this liquidity.

Meanwhile, we can point out a few disadvantages of the function, too:

  • After selling your bet you are going to literally sell the “pleasant intrigue” while watching the game till its end. Of course, you can neutralize this weak point by leaving a certain part of your bet active.
  • Naturally, it is possible after selling your bet slip to see your bets progressing the way you have predicted them to in the first place, which will show that using the cash out function was the wrong decision.
  • There’s a minimum fee for the function to sell your betslip. For instance, if you place a bet at an amount of 100 KSh and try to sell it immediately, the offer is going to be about 97-98 Ksh.