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1xBet Casino and Virtual

For all sport fans we have provided a large enough bunch of information in the rest of our reviews devoted to the betting house 1xBet Kenya. Plus – the sport betting are doubtlessly the most popular gambling products in this Russian betting house. However, there are many people who don’t even suggest that this betting page offers the longest list of offers in the sphere of casino games and the one of virtual sports which both are gambling types of entertainment where luck is the main force leading you to the success and which attract the punters in Kenya more and more often these days.

So if you are looking for the website with the richest number of options for bets in virtual sports or with the biggest collection of casino games, keep on reading and you might eventually conclude that you have actually found your place!


Whatever we say about the range of casino games in 1xBet Kenya wouldn’t be enough as this betting website offers the incredible number of 3 500 games and this number has been progressively increasing as the gambling company starts each year with new partnerships signed with more and more online casino game developers.

Currently, the number of the companies that specialize in creating online casino content and that provide their products to the Russian bookie is more than 70.

If we have to look for any weak point in the wide range of casino offers made by 1xBet Kenya, we might only mark that not all of them are available in the betting house’s app. Around two thirds of them are compatible to Android and iPhone devices, but yet, this company’s mobile casino remains the richest in comparison to any other available on Kenyan territory.

What is a definite weak point, though, is the fact that the casino games are not available in the mobile browser website version and in other words, this means that if your phone runs on a different thank Android or iOS operating system (or if it runs on any of these operating systems, but it is a very old version) the casino content by 1xBet Kenya is not going to be accessible for you.
However, if you have a smartphone or tablet where you have already installed the bookie’s app, you will be able to choose from thousands of slot games (including many 3D slot games) and hundreds of video poker, roulette, blackjack or Baccarat games.

1xbet casino

Here is one more thing you might not like about this gambling house’s casino service: the navigation among the games which is made in a way to confuse you during your first experience with it.

In the desktop website version, we’ve got three sections with casino games that can be found in the main website menu: Slots, Live Casino, 1xGames

What might be confusing for you is that the Slots section is a mutual place for all the animated casino games in the website, but not for the slot games only. It’s just in the beginning of this website existence, the slot games used to be the only casino games and then, after adding the rest of the games the section name remained without being changed. This lapse, though, has been corrected in the app where the section name is Casino.

Besides, you might feel a bit disappointed by the fact that you cannot see all of the games on one single page via the app. However, this is not an accidental lapse made by the developers. On the contrary – we can explain it with the reason that such an order saves more memory space for the app, respectively in your mobile device once you install the app on it.

The app navigation is a made in a way to select one of the software developers at first and then, to choose the specific game made by the selected developer.

Regardless these weak points, we cannot miss saying that this betting company’s casino product is by all means number one on the Kenyan market.

Virtual sports

The virtual sport betting service offers not such a big choice as we find in the casino sections, but, yet, it can impress you with some really excellent quality, because it’s only in this gambling page we can bet not only on some simulated virtual sports made by the companies from the gambling sector, but also on simulations of the most popular digital games in the world, including the following:

Counter Strike
Laser League
Angry Birds
Mortal Kombat
Call of Duty
Dozens of other games

1xbet virtual sports

In virtual sport betting activity the principle is clear – you watch the match and similarly to the sport betting activity, you have a list with markets as to the progress of the specific game. For instance markets like these: who’s going to win, how many scores there will be till the end of the first half and etc.

In this gambling website, though, you can place such bets not only on digital sport games, but also on games of other genre – like Counter Strike, for instance. In this example, you can place bets on the shooter’s who’s going to dismantle the bomb in a certain stage, who’s going to win the certain phase of the game, who’s going to settle the bomb, how many Frags each team will have and etc.

These virtual games we have told you about above are part of the section category Live in 1xBet Kenya. Here is where you can also see the markets for all the sport events that are currently live and that you can place bets on, as well. Find out more about this category in our article called 1xBet Kenya Live Betting – Bet range and functions.

Meanwhile, in the Virtual Sports category which is also available in the bookie’s main menu there are virtual sports developed by companies like Leap Gaming, Golden Race and Digital Tech. The sports games provided by these companies are similar to the virtual sports in the rest betting houses and in this specific bookmaker they are more than 25.