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MelBet Affiliate Program

MelBet Affiliate Program

MelBet Affiliate Program offers a profitable avenue for marketers interested in earning money by introducing new players to Melbet. The operator provides a rather lucrative opportunity to earn commissions of up to 40%. Moreover, one of the program’s notable features is the regular payout system. You can receive payments on a weekly basis, ensuring a consistent and reliable stream of income. This aspect adds an element of financial stability to the program.

Creative marketing support is another advantage of the program. As a member, you get to receive marketing materials in their native language, which aids in effective promotion and user engagement. This support helps affiliates in their efforts to bring in new customers.

The program takes its commitment to support a step further by assigning a personal manager to each user. This personalized approach ensures that partners have dedicated assistance and guidance throughout their journey in the program, enhancing their chances of success.

With a broad global presence, the affiliate program has established partnerships with over 10,000 partners around the world. It also serves a daily user base of 200,000 punters, and it is accessible in 49 different languages, offering over 40 payment solutions for convenience and accessibility.

How it Works

Becoming a partner of MelBet is a straightforward process designed for webmasters and companies with websites and marketing tools. This program enables them to promote and offer their users access to renowned betting brands. Here is how to become a member and how the program operates:

  1. Registration:
    To get started, future partners need to register for the Affiliate Program. This process is quick and easy, taking less than 2 minutes to complete. Upon successful registration, affiliates gain access to their webmaster’s account.
  2. Accessing Marketing Materials:
    Once registered, affiliates can access a wealth of marketing materials on the program’s Get Promotional Materials page. The materials include a wide selection of banners and promotional content that can be used for marketing purposes.
  3. Generating Unique Affiliate Links:
    To generate unique affiliate links, affiliates can visit the Get Affiliate Link page. This feature allows them to create customized links that direct users to different parts of the bookmaker’s website, such as the homepage, registration page, or live betting sections. Affiliates can then seamlessly integrate these special links into their websites and social media accounts, or even include them in newsletters, offering them greater flexibility in their promotional efforts.
  4. Promoting:
    Affiliates can utilize these unique affiliate links to promote the betting brand. This can be done through various online channels, such as their website, blog, social media platforms, or email newsletters.
  5. Marketing Materials and Updates:
    To aid in the promotion of the latest promotions and events, the program offers a range of banners in various formats, including the most popular image formats and HTML5. The banners are automatically updated to ensure affiliates are always presenting the most current offers to their audience.

Comissions & Calculation

When a visitor to a partner’s web property converts into a customer by clicking on their affiliate link, navigating to MelBet’s website, completing the registration process, depositing funds, and engaging in betting activities, the affiliate becomes eligible for commissions. In particular, they can receive a 25% share of the revenue generated by the referred customer through the Revenue Share model. Alternatively, affiliates have the option to opt for pre-negotiated payments through the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) model, with the specific payment terms being mutually agreed upon in advance.

Earnings at MelBet follow a daily calculation cycle, concluding each morning between 4:30 am and 5 am (UTC). During this period, accrued earnings are credited to your account. The bookie’s affiliate program offers two primary earning options. The majority of affiliates favor the RevShare program, allowing them to secure a percentage of the betting company’s profits, specifically a quarter of the losses incurred by players they’ve referred to MelBet.

Additionally, affiliates can choose to activate CPA plans on an individual basis, a process initiated by reaching out to the Support Team. With CPA, affiliates receive a fixed payment for bringing in players who meet a specified minimum deposit requirement. To calculate the company’s revenue from a player, subtract the total wagers, total winnings, and total bonuses. For affiliate revenue determination, multiply the company’s total revenue by the chosen RevShare percentage. For instance, with a 25% RevShare rate, if the company’s total revenue is $10,938.83, the affiliate would earn $2,734.71.

Approval Process & Payments

After registering, each affiliate’s account is reviewed by a moderator to ensure that all details have been correctly entered. Once approved, affiliates can begin their marketing efforts and start earning commissions. It is important to note that joining the Affiliate Program is entirely free. There are no application fees or requirements for a minimum number of players. Affiliates can get started without any financial barriers.

Your daily earnings are exclusively accessible through the Statistics section and are settled the subsequent morning, occurring between 4:30 am and 5 am UTC, after which they are promptly deposited into your Affiliate account. In contrast, payments from the referral program are instantly added to your My Account, ensuring swift and convenient access to your earnings.


To obtain further details and information regarding the MelBet affiliate program, you can connect with the program’s representatives through multiple communication channels. They can reach out via Skype at melbet.affiliate, send inquiries to through email, or engage on Telegram by searching for @melbet_payments.