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BetLion Kenya Bonus Free Bet

Palmsbet Jackpot – Tips and Prediction Game

A combination of certain level of luck and fine football knowledge might bring you lots of profits in Palmsbet Kenya – to be more specific, you might get 5 000 000 Ksh, if we should make this profits concrete. In this article we are about to tell you more regarding this Kenyan bookmaker’s official jackpot game, as well as regarding this company’s two little free games in the website bonus section.

Palmsbet 5 000 000 Ksh jackpot

The jackpot game called Easy 12 is a sport Tote game with 12 football events. It’s provided by Palms Bet Kenya and it’s accessible through the betting house’s Jackpot section. You can participate in this game every single week and you have time to place a bet with your predictions till the beginning of the first event, which is usually within the early afternoon in Saturday.

In order to win the jackpot, you should have a registration in Palmsbet and at least 95 Ksh in your account balance, because that’s the entrance fee for the game.

As it has already become clear, the big prize in Easy 12 is 5 million of Ksh, but there are also 3 consolation prizes. 200 000 Ksh is the prize everyone, who has predicted all of the matches correctly except for one only, while those punters with 2 mistakes in their predictions can win 50 000 Ksh.

To participate in the game you should practically enter the Jackpot section where you need to register your prediction per single match and finally, to press on the button called Submit.

The events in the program are not random and you will not find any difficulties in predicting them as in almost 100% of the cases they are taken from the well-known European championships such as the English Premium League, Series A, La Liga, Eredivisions, Bundesliga, Premiera Liga and Liga 1.

Free prediction games in Palmsbet

From the section called Promotions in the bookie’s website you can open two more prediction games where you don’t even have to invest anything to participate.

The first game is called 100 BOB Free Game. This is a daily game with free of charge participate fee, available for any of the bookie’s visitors. Here you don’t even need to have a registration (of course, in case you win, it’s going to be necessary for you to eventually make a registration in order to use the prize as a free bet). In this game you have the extremely easy task to guess who the football player from the shown picture is.

The betting company, by the way, doesn’t make anything possible to impede you. On the contrary, it does not show pictures with football players from some extra rare or unknown Asian league, but instead shows pictures of quite popular players. It’s hard to believe that someone, for instance, does not know who Neymar is and as an additional simplifying technique, Palmsbet always offers three alternative answers to choose from. We can say that the participation in this game is practically formal, because it does not happen almost ever when a wrong answer is given. Every single day one of those punters who have guessed the football player wins 100 Ksh as a free bet.

The other game, though, is not that easy, but, on the other side, It has 10 times smaller prize – only 1 000 Ksh. It’s related to one of the super derbies in Europe during the week and the punters are supposed to predict the correct score, as well as the exact minute the first goal will be scored. It’s not on mandatory to predict the correct minute, though – the idea is to be as close to the right minute as possible in comparison to the answers the rest punters have provided. If there are two customers who are equally close to the right answer, the one who wins is actually the one who has made his or her prediction earlier, so it’s in your interest to join the game during the very beginning of the week.