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mCHEZA Live Score

Alongside with the progress of the online bookmakers in our country, we have noticed bigger interest as to the live betting shown by the Kenyan punters. This is an option that left the pre-match betting activity behind when it comes to popularity in Europe more than a decade ago.

mCHEZA is a sport betting page that is supposed to be reviewed and considered as an option by any betting lover who prefers to place a bet after the judge’s first signal.

Mchesa bet live

In this article we are going to review the live betting option in mCHEZA by taking in mind two important aspects in this service – the coverage of the event program and the types of markets, as well as the different functions which accompany the live betting category.

Bet coverage in mCHEZA Live Betting

The range of sports bets in mCHEZA is quite better than any other Kenyan bookmaker’s live bet coverage and this betting company’s offers are even good enough to leave behind the offers provided by many worldwide well-known bookies with more than 10 years of experience or with an audience with millions of people.

Even in working days when there are not so man y sport events this betting platform for gambling offers us up to 150 matches at once and from all around the world, as well as from a wide range of sport types such as football, tennis, digital sports, volleyball, basketball, ice hockey and many others.

Bet coverage in mCHEZA Live Betting

We have made a parallel comparison between mCHEZA and the biggest world sport betting operators and what it has turn out is that during the same moment our Kenya bookie has more live events than almost any other world bookie. The bookies with more matches in their programs are really few.

We cannot say the same thing as to the market types as here in this betting house most of the matches come with nearly 40 different options (yet, when an elite match from high-class level is concerned the number of markets is several times multiplied) which isn’t such a big number, but in our opinion, it is completely enough, though. How many more than 40 alternatives for a bet are we going to need for a single event from the youth league in Algiers, for instance?

We can talk only superlatives when it comes to the range of matches and types of markets in mCHEZA especially when having in mind that this is a comparatively young and not so popular bookie, respectively we should not have so high expectations about it.

Functions in mCHEZA Live Betting

In theory, mCHEZA offers almost all the functions that are basically known and popular in the online betting industry these days – live statistics, dynamic presentation of the progress in the events via the live graphics, as well as live streaming for certain matches.

The truth, though, is that only the live graphics can be estimated as good enough to be listed next to the live services provided by the biggest bookies with live services. The graphics represent the progress of the concrete event in the best way and with all of the details from the field. Thanks to all of these details that are shown to you a second right after they have happened you are going to be informed as to things like these: when exactly a touch, corner, attack or change of ball possession happens.

Mchesa live betting

At the expense of this, all of the rest functions are quite more modest and with very low coverage. The live streaming function, for instance, is practically technical, but cannot be used at a full value as it is offered only for very few matches per day.
The live statistics coverage has a quite wider coverage, but at the expense of this these statistics are not as detailed and clear as we are used to see them in many other worldwide and well-known bookmakers.

mCHEZA offers us information in real time as to the concrete time for the following things: corners, cards, attempts (outside and in the gate), as well as for the dangerous attacks bot of the teams make when it comes to football events.

As a conclusion we can say that the livebet in mCHEZA is 100% competitive to the same service in the rest world bookmakers when it comes to the variety of bet types we can place, but the betting company has a lot more to do and improve when it comes to the functions that accompany this service.