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Betway Jackpot Prediction

You truly believe in your luck and you do love big profits? Then, check out the types of the Toto and Lotto games that are available in the gambling assortment the Kenya version of Betway includes now!

Jackpot games in Betway Kenya

In the Jackpot category of this bookmaker you can join four games with predictions that offer dozens and even hundreds of millions of KSh as jackpot prizes.

Betway jackpots

We are talking about the following games:

  • The Colossus – This is a game where you need to predict the correct score in 7 events from the football program of the day. You need to pay 49 KSh in order to be able to participate in the game, while its jackpot amount is at an amount of 122 500 000 KSh. The compensating prize is also available for you in case you succeed in predict 4 to 7 (or more) events correctly.
  • Correct Score Pick 6 – Here is one more game where you need to predict the correct score, but this time the number of the football matches is 6. In this game the participation fee costs 95 KSh, while the jackpot is at an amount of 47 500 000 KSh. As to the compensating prize here it is offered to all of you who succeed in predicting the correct scores of 3 to 6 (or more) events.
  • 1X2 Pick 13 – This game requires you to predict the correct symbol of the 1X2 market in 13 events from the daily football program the bookie provides. To join the game you need to pay 95 KSh and the jackpot amount is 25 500 000 KSh. Last, but not least, the compensating prize here is offered in case you succeed in predict8ing from 11 to 15 (or more) events.
  • 1X2 Pick 15 – Knowing the 1X2 sign at 15 football matches for the day, where the participation costs 95 KSh and the jackpot is 38,000,000 KSh. You will receive a consolation prize with a success rate of 11 out of 15 or greater.

Betway jackpot games

What else is useful for you to know when it comes to the jackpot games provided by Betway:

  • Each of the games has an option called Smart Pick. With it you will let the software to make the predictions instead of you by considering the most possible final outcomes.
  • For each of the matches from the games you are eligible to have one prediction so the price of your bet to be at the amount we have pointed you above. Each next marked selection will multiply the price of your betslip with 2. For instance, if you play the game 1X2 Pick 15 game and you bet for a draw and for a win for the host in any event your participation fee isn’t going to cost 95 KSh, but 190 KSh.
  • You have the right to participate in unlimited number of phases per each of these 4 Toto games in Betway.
  • All the jackpot amounts we have pointed above are divided into equal parts and shared between all the punters with correct predictions if there is more than 1 punter with the same number of correct predictions. However, it is a very rare case when two punters get the entire jackpot within one single phase per game.

Lotto games in Betgames category provided by Betway

Betway doesn’t offer the traditional lottery games we know or those games where you need to fill in a betslip with certain numbers and later, to expect to get the big jackpot in case all of these numbers are drawn.

Betway lotto games

However, there are games with drawing of numbers. They are placed in the Betgames category, but they do not let us compose a betslip with numbers we expect to be drawn. Instead, we can only place bets on these numbers. The bets are of the following types: The total amount of the numbers to be Under or Over 92.5, More even or uneven numbers to be drawn and so on.

These games are called Lucky 5, Lucky 6 and Lucky 7. They do not offer jackpots, but types of bets with certain odds for each of the games. In other words, they are very similar to the classical sport betting.

Though, note that the odds in these games can reach up to 1 800.00 so winning a bet at such an odd would seem to you as a real jackpot!