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BetLion Kenya Bonus Free Bet

1xBet Affiliate Commission

How to earn money from 1xBet Kenya by inviting friends?

The list of the alternatives to earn money from 1xBet Kenya is literally endless and it includes dozens of different types of gambling games, special bonuses, free games, a lottery with prizes and many others. In this same list, though, we see on a top position the option to earn some cash by sending invitations to your friends and thus, to attract new customers for the betting house.

How does the affiliate program in 1xBet Kenya actually work?

The affiliate program offered in the Kenyan version for 1xBet uses multi-level principle which is based on the network marketing method.
The multi-level net in 1xBet Kenya includes the following 4 levels:

  • First level – 15% commission
  • Second level – 8% commission
  • Third level – 5% commission
  • Fourth level – 2% commission

1xbet afilliate levels

What does each of these levels mean, though? The customers you have invited are basically your affiliates from first level. Then, the customers who were invited by your affiliates from the first level, automatically turn into your affiliates from second level and so on.

How to calculate the commission we have won?
The commissions are calculated automatically for you and they are based on the net profit the betting house wins from your affiliates.

For instance, if the net profit of your affiliate from first level is 1 000 KSh for one month, you will receive 15% of this amount which is 150 KSh.

We need to mark that what is taken under consideration is only the net profit of the places bets on sport events and financial trades. The bets that your affiliates have placed on casino games or other gambling products available in this betting platform have no influence on your final commissions.

How to join the affiliate program in 1xBet Kenya?

In order to start earning commissions from the attracted new customers you must have an account in the page, then, to have made a deposit and to have filled in all of the fields in the page called Personal Profile.

If you correspond to all of these requirements, simply open the page with promotions in this betting house and then, press on the button called Rafiki Bonus. Here is where you will see a button in a rectangular shape and text Join. Press on it, too!

1xbet afilliate rafiki bonus

When you do that, in the My Account page you will see your affiliate referral link. You can use it in the best for you way – either to send it as a message to your friends or to start publishing it in your own websites, if you have such, or even to post it in various forums, nets or social webs in internet (blogs, Facebook and whatever you can think off). The only think that is forbidden, though, is to publish texts and send messages on behalf of 1xBet’s name.

When you finish your advertising and promoting campaign, simply wait for the people to start registering via you referral link, making deposits and placing bets. Once they do all of these things, the time for you to earn cash is going to start, as well.