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Sport fans in Betin will get a little bit variety to traditional sport betting thanks to the Jackpot game the company offers with a chance to win of up to 20 000 000 KES with a bet of only 99 KES.

This game, itself, is placed in a separated website category – the Jackpot category and it represent a prediction game that is organized every week and that has the main goal for the punters to predict the final outcome in 1 X 2 market – for 13 of the most interesting football events appointed for the weekend.

The Jackpot is strictly fixed at an amount of 20 million of KES. Of course, you will get it only in case you succeed in guessing all of the 13 matches. Yet, there will be prizes for those of you, who succeed in guessing 11 or 12 matches, if there is no other customer, who has more right predictions of these particular events.

For instance, if you guess the results for 12 of the matches and there is no punter who guessed the 13 of them, you will receive 1 200 000 KES.

If you, though, succeed in predicting 11 of the matches and there is no one who predicted either 12, or 13 of the events, your final profit will be 550 000 KES.

In case there are more than one single punter with an equal guessed matches (11, 12 or 13) the prize will be equally shared. For instance, in case there are three people who guessed 12 of these 13 events the prize will be 1,2 million of KES and it will be shared between the three of them, which means each of the punters will get 400 000 KES.

An additional convenience for the punters is the possibility to send the predictions via SMS message. It can happen by using this phone number 29456 in the following format: “JP#X*1*Х*1*Х*2*1*2*2*X*Х*1*1“. Once you send the message you will get one SMS back that aims to confirm your predictions and to give a personal ID number.

The price of each bet is 99 KES. If you want to increase your chance for a success, you can bet on more final outcomes per match, but with each prediction for a final outcome you also increase the price of your bet slip.